Inviting the light of reason to guide our way.

 Inviting the Light of Reason

This is my outlet to process thoughts and ideas that prove to be difficult for most of my family and friends.  I am using this as a tool to improve my writing, which in turn improves my thinking.  I also desire this to improve my communication, discussion, and debating skills.  I will be posting a few of my favorite articles that I previously put on facebook.
There probably won’t be a lot of order to my thinking.  Most of the blogs will follow what I am reading.  That will include topics from classic literature, religion, hallucinagens, sex, philosophy, history, Helena Blavatsky, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Paine, Sigmund Freud, Terrance McKenna, topics like kundalini, serpents, DNA, the brain, Southpark, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc.

Feel free to “like”, comment, agree, and disagree.  Since the name of the site is “belief suspension”, rather than being emotionally charged to fight to the death for your beliefs, consider suspending your belief and emotions for a minute and use the rational mind and process of logical thinking to help enlighten your way as ideas are exchanged and expressed.  I know a lot of people believe reason to be from the “devil”.  Here at this site we invite the light of reason to illuminate our mind and you can call this knowledge bearer by whatever name you desire.

Ben Johnson


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