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The Pride of the Savannah and the Hero of Man.


After watching a documentary with the kids called Lions: Spy in the Den, I want to know what happened in our evolutionary chain.

For some reason I am thinking that we, male humans, have regressed in our evolution and should strive to be like the male lion.

The male lion does nothing but sleep, procreate, and take the food that the female kills. According to the people who track lions’ sexual ways; “Lions mate about every 25 minutes (when females are in oestrus) with each mating lasting an average of 21 secs. The male holds the female by the back of the neck giving a short roar when completed.”
(The funny thing is in the video the female walks up and sits beside the male, but if he doesn’t bite and hold her neck during their special time, he runs the risk of being bitten. Silly, silly females.)

Whether it is egression or regression I just wanted to take my hat off to you ladies.
Most off us male humans may still just sleep and desire to procreate, at least you are getting to eat.

— A friend of mine commented that lions must not derive pleasure from this sacred act, for if they did there would surely be 7 billion lions instead of seven billion humans.

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