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Why We Die

I have discovered why we die! So things can change. I have also discovered why we have children! So we can change.

I keep seeing this post on face book “Much needed prayers…The oilfield is really bad now. Don’t know what is going to happen…Struggle is Real!!”  (A post on Facebook that people were specifically asked not to share but to to cut and paste and then post on their page.) ( The purpose of this is still a mystery to me.) 

Oil as an energy source should have been extinct many years ago. I have to admit, I have and do live in comfort, a comfort because of a direct result of the oil industry. I can easily see how I would not want to give up my comfort for billions of others, or millions, or truth be told, probably not even for ten others. So if I wouldn’t desire to be uncomfortable or my family, being the generous philanthrapous individual that I am, why would anyone else?

We don’t think about our actions or purchasing effecting anyone else. I read an article pointing out how a result of our demand for iPhones has caused the manufacturers in China to put up netting around the building to catch people from trying to kill themselves rather than assemble iPhones. The same with oil. The desire for oil is causing war. (Granted it is greed. And we would likely war over something else if not oil.)

Our world as we know it would literally shutdown without oil currently, but we would not. Humanity will survive and thrive with other avenues of energy. The technology is here to harness the power of the sun, the wind, and currently the technology is here to charge electrical devices from the air surrounding us. So rather than going on and you most likely get bored of hearing me speak, I will sum this up and share the following article.

People die because people hang on to old ideas and old beliefs. With each generation comes the hope of a better future. The best hope is to grasp the vision of the future tomorrow and work with the coming children to make a better today.

Good day.



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