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Do You Believe In Eternity?

A student of religious, gnostic, and initiatory studies asked me this question: Do you believe in eternity?

I  believe in an eternal shedding of the skin. DNA, the Serpent, continuing its existence through life forms.  The “I” exists while I am here. When I am gone/dead/deceased, I currently think that may be the end of me. But however the life force moves along, it takes on a new skin, with a new “I” that isn’t me. I don’t have anything to back that up except what my body does in nature. It provides nutrients for whatever eats or grows out of my body once deceased. The spirit, I am calling the life force.

 Another comparison is an electron moving through a copper wire, then a transformer, a switch, another wire, a circuit board, and through a lightbulb. (Forgive me my lack of electrical knowledge). Is this electron, if conscious, identifying itself as all the things it moved through? Was “being” the light, better in evolutionary or “spiritual” terms than the circuit board? To continue the analogy, as the electron sensed itself leaving the circuit board, which it identified itself with for so “long” (time being relative, no past, no future, only now) was it contemplating what happens to it after it left a the board? It had seen so many others leave, it realized it was going to leave. Was this a new realm? Or the same realm, with a new perception – therefore a new reality? Is it just one vast continuation of the same energy, with different frequencies and newly organized energy.

I have been asking a question recently. Humans think one way is better than the other to reach a place that perhaps only exists in imagination and in books and they are willing to un-love if you don’t agree, cut off heads, desire to drop nukes…  
What difference would it make if we quit “believing” in eternity, if we quit believing in something that takes faith?
I do not see anywhere or anything in nature that points to a heaven, or a hell. The closest thing could be said to be a butterfly. The problem with that analogy relating to being born again is, the butterfly’s glorious awakening, it’s metamorphosis, isn’t in another realm.  It may be a completely new realm, and no doubt a new perspective and completely new experience, in a sense a new life. But it is the same life, in the same realm. The here and now.

I think that if we quit devoting so much time and energy towards a “false” eternity, one that requires faith to believe in, the only proof of which we have is written in books, and devoted the same time and energy to the “true” eternity, the here and now, the realm we can plant a seed and watch it grow and bear fruit, I think we would treat life as a most precious experience instead of something to get through till we are raptures away to a more glorious place.  

“There is only one reality – the reality knowable to reason. And if man does not choose to perceive it, there is nothing else for him to perceive; if it is not of this world that he is conscious, then he is not conscious at all.  

The sole result of the mystic projection of “another” reality, is that it incapacitates man psychologically for this one.” – (Nathaniel Branden, The Virtue of Selfishness: A New Concept of Egoism)
So to answer the question, I think eternity is right in front of our eyes. It doesn’t matter if you can see with your two eyes, your third eye, or if your blind. You also do not have to believe a single thing to get there. Nor do you have to believe, or confess, or do anything to be connected to eternity’s creator. Eternity has created us, Eternity runs through our veins, Eternity is consciousness, Eternity keeps existing even when we are unconscious.

I wrote this poem with the realization that I/We am/are the serpent.
‘I am the Serpent
I am the serpent shedding my skin, Traveling through space, time and again.
Open thy mouth, swallow my tail.
Ending the beginning, without fail. 
Piercing the womb, becoming the fetus. The dead at just here to feed us.’

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