Inviting the light of reason to guide our way.

Pimps and Whores, Missiles and Guns

Pimps and whores
Missiles and guns
Death the score
Sacrifice for fun

Dollars for dancing 
Paradise for blood
Money men prancing
Preaching the flood  

Jesus the Christ
Bringing the end
Mohammed given the keys
To Syria, Persia, & Yemen 

Religion’s a bubble
Waiting to bust
Propped up by the gullible 
Distracted by lust

The Gods are worthless
You better short the dollar
The faithful and faithless
All living in squalor

Mammon, a prince of hell
That’s who we worship
Ring the bell
Ready the warship!

*the photo of Kerry and Saudi King below were the inspiration.  Lingering in the mind was the second photo below of the Brazillian kids watching the Olympic fireworks. The third photo below is a 1909 painting,  The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan.

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