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Isis:  Queen of Heaven, or Group of Sexually Repressed Men Deranged and Deluded By Patriarcal Religion?

I dislike the name blanketed over a group of deranged and deluded people that have such blasphemous beliefs about women. The term given is ISIS. Isis is the Queen of … Continue reading

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Fresh Fruit

A time for sowing, a time for reaping,  All in between, the time for eating Fresh fruit, warmed in the heat Best when mouth and flesh meet Teeth and tongue … Continue reading

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An Attempt to Remove the Blotting out of My Name from the Book of Life.

My dad wanted to introduce me to his friend who has a ministry in Malawi. He was a marine, in good shape. Nice guy. I chatted with them for a … Continue reading

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Belief: The Igniter of  Heretics & Infidels

My wife asked this the other day on Facebook.  My response was too good not to share it here. “If you are friends with someone but find out that they … Continue reading

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Seeing Red: Hitchens, Target Restrooms, and God’s Abominable Fashion

I saw this highlighted verse posted on Facebook and had the desire to comment. So… I love that God is so concerned with the clothing we wear and what to … Continue reading

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Review of an Essay on the Validity of the Ten Commandments and the Three Published Editions Within The Holy Writ

   I know that you love when I share thought provoking things. This is from an essay in a book of essays titled Arguably, written by the best argue-er I’ve … Continue reading

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Why We Die

I have discovered why we die! So things can change. I have also discovered why we have children! So we can change. I keep seeing this post on face book … Continue reading

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